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ODPS Office of Criminal Justice Services Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

ODPS | Office of Criminal Justice Services

The Ohio Criminal Justice System contains information about crimes, offenders, suspects, victims, property and cases. To effectively manage and share this vast amount of data throughout the state, the Governorís Office, Attorney Generalís Office and Supreme Court of Ohio established a Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Policy Board in 1994.

Today, the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS) coordinates the efforts of the CJIS Policy Board, including the development of automated systems to promote crime information sharing. The Board, consisting of key CJIS stakeholders from state agencies, criminal justice associations and regional reporting centers, meets bi-monthly to:

            • Review and develop policies and procedures for the stateís existing criminal justice information systems;
            • Monitor the development of new criminal justice systems to ensure compatibility;
            • Identify needs or gaps within the criminal justice information system;
            • Determine ways to improve accessibility to criminal justice data, and
            • Provide management and technical expertise for strategic initiatives identified in the CJIS Plans.

Since 1994, the Board has completed two significant CJIS Plans; the first, a Computerized Criminal History Improvement Plan, outlines the steps required to improve Ohioís Computerized Criminal History System.

The second plan, the Criminal Justice Information System Improvement Plan, is comprised of 70 projects the Board recognizes as necessary to increase the accuracy, accessibility and timeliness of Ohioís justice information systems.

With each project strategically prioritized, OCJS administers CJIS grants to support project implementation at the state and local level.

ODPS | Office of Criminal Justice Services

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