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About Our Office

The new Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment was established by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and is housed within the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS), a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The office will assist agencies that are working to hire more minorities and women, and will encourage those populations to explore a law enforcement career. The office will also develop and share best practices on the hiring of candidates who are suited for the law enforcement profession.

The Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment hopes to not only engage law enforcement agencies across the state, but to also collaborate with the diverse network of individuals within the communities they serve. The office will accomplish this goal by focusing on five important areas:

  1. Assist law enforcement agencies in increasing the pool of qualified applicants and the retention of officers.
  2. Collaborate with law enforcement professionals to develop best practices in the recruitment, selection, and retention of law enforcement candidates who are suited for this unique profession.
  3. Utilize best practices to assist agencies in their efforts to hire women and minorities.
  4. Actively engage women and minorities to consider a career in law enforcement.
  5. Focus on supporting executive management and human resources in vital role in the recruitment, selection process, and retention of those officers.

The office will seek assistance from experts and stakeholder organizations in developing and sharing these vital best practices. The office is led by a full-time director of law enforcement services and will be supported with both analytical and administrative support from OCJS' Policy and Research Section, Ohio Collaborative Certification Section, and Law Enforcement Services Section.

We are here

to help Ohio law enforcement agencies hire
officers to serve with integrity.

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to be the premier employment resource for all
Ohio law enforcement agencies.

Our Team

The members of our office come from diverse backgrounds that will help ensure that we are not only meeting the needs of the law enforcement agencies across the state, but that we are engaging and educating the community on the recruitment, selection, and retention processes of its officers. Our team will pull from the experiences and expertise of its members to help inform and create innovative best practices that will ensure agencies across the state retain qualified groups of diverse officers who want to serve their communities.

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A Brief History of Law Enforcement

Policing continues to be one of the most visible forms of government from early "watch" systems, using volunteers, to highly trained tactical units and community policing that we see today. Law enforcement tasks and priorities have varied over many decades, continuing to grow and shape itself into an entity that supports and protects communities, and enforces laws.

Next, you will find a brief review of law enforcement history in the U.S. and Ohio.

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