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BWC Grant

On Sept. 7th, 2021, Governor Mike DeWine’s office announced that to be eligible to receive funding for the Ohio Body-Worn Camera Grant Program, agencies shall adhere to the Ohio Collaborative’s body-worn camera standard.

Similar to the certification process for Executive Order 13929, the body-worn camera grant certification will be a certification that is separate from the other Ohio Collaborative standards. To achieve body-worn camera grant only certification, agencies will need to submit a policy that adheres to the 5 standard requirements and an Agency CEO Letter of Attestation. The 5 standard requirements for the body-worn camera policy include:

  1. 1. The purpose and organizational philosophy regarding use
  2. 2. Requirements and restrictions for activation and deactivation of the device
  3. 3. Criminal and administrative use of the camera captured data
  4. 4. Data storage, retention, and disclosure requirements reflective of public records law and privacy concerns
  5. 5. Accountability and training requirements for users and supervisors; and requirements for a documented review of camera captured data

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