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Success Stories


Montpelier Police Department

The Montpelier Police Department began the voluntary certification process in May 2016. Once I understood what the collaborative had done, I felt the idea of completing the process should be a primary goal for our agency. We were very fortunate up front, as our policy and practices were very close, if not exceeding the requirements (in certain areas) proposed by the collaborative board. And with that, we should be proud that our efforts meet the recommendations of such a diverse board. I found the process fairly easy to maneuver, especially with the guidance of the initial review personnel. When I needed an answer, I got immediate responses and guidance. Overall, I found the process to be painless. And, I am very excited to know that our agency has met the criteria for certification and proud that we rank among a select few who have taken the voluntary compliance process seriously. I am excited and proud to say that our agency was among a small group in the state to take the challenge of meeting the board’s recommendations. And, the first (only) in Williams County. Especially since the collaborative was really unique in its existence and objectives. I hope that our efforts promote a positive image of the process and will jolt other agencies to complete the process as well.

Policy and practice of policy is important. The board’s goals were to do nothing more than ensure agency policy reflects high standards and that we practice what we write. Policy should not be just words in a book. This process has validated our efforts to be a proactive, community-oriented police department. MPD prides itself on the professional manner in which we execute our job and the strength of our community relations. This process, again, has validated our practices and given us additional criteria to better staff and train.


And, our community showed great support when we posted on our FB page that we received provisional certification. I am excited to let our community know more about the process and how we got to compliance. If you have anything specific you would like to have answered, please feel free to contact me with your question(s).


Thank you,

Dan McGee, Chief of Police