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Notre Dame College Police Department

Notre Dame College, located in South Euclid, Ohio, prides itself on “educating a diverse population.” Consequently, it is no surprise that the Notre Dame College Police Department, led by Chief Jeffery Scott, adheres to the same educational philosophy.

The Notre Dame College (NDC) Police Department is a leader in many areas of Community Policing and stresses the importance of police training to improve the performance and the effectiveness of law enforcement.  On-going training for law enforcement is important, however, training which addresses current key issues is critical and NDC is meeting that challenge.

Perhaps there is no greater issue that law enforcement agencies face today than the issue of fundamental fairness and biased free policing.  Notre Dame College PD is dealing with this issue directly by offering a courses on Racial Intelligence.  Chief Jeffrey Scott states that NDC Police Department is offering this training in order to “be proactive and to partner with other agencies to address this issue together.”

The Racial Intelligence Training is offered in two programs. The first program held on January 3, 2017 and deals with specific training for Executive Leadership.  A second program is a Train the Trainer course being offered on March 7 and 8, 2017.  The Train-the Trainer approach allows agencies to take this extremely important training back to their departments to improve officer wellness and to deal with implicit biases.

What does racial intelligence training involve? Racial intelligence training improves an officer’s communication on the front line to help them deal with de-escalating calls. The training also teaches components of Emotional Intelligence—self-awareness, behavioral self-control and ethics and integrity. Social Intelligence is an equally important part of the training.  You can think of Social Intelligence as how individuals navigate and negotiate all social relationships and situations.

The Racial Intelligence training is conducted by the RITE Academy which prides itself on teaching “21st Century Policy Approaches”. To sign up for the Racial Intelligence Training hosted by NDC Police Department go to the RITE Academy website: riteacademy.com.

Law enforcement has always been a noble, but difficult profession.  Today’s problems and environment heighten the challenges law enforcement personnel face.  As Chief Scott commented, “training establishes that strong base—and provides more tools for officers to more effectively do their jobs”.  Thanks to Notre Dame College Police Department for taking the lead in offering important training to meet with today’s law enforcement challenges.