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Sidney Police Department

The Sidney Police Department is a strong advocate of community policing. Sidney’s community policing represents a life-cycle approach, carefully developing programs and education to meet the needs of all citizens regardless of age or background.

The Sidney Police Department begins interacting with citizens at a very young age. Sidney’s Safety Town Program is a weeklong event which teaches traffic safety, animal safety and also exposes the children to other important departments in the City such as 911 and the Fire Department. Importantly, this program builds an early solid relationship with children through positive interactions. This program also successfully interacts with other police programs like: Kids on the Square, Bike Patrol and Bike Rodeos. Safety Town is so successful that this year four programs were quickly filled showing the community’s interest and the value of this effort.

The Sidney Police Department is a leader in recognizing the need for women’s self-defense. Sidney PD offers annual RAD Classes (Rape Aggression Defense System). The RAD system teaches women defensive concepts and techniques against various assaults using proven selfdefense tactics.

One of the fastest growing crimes today is cyber theft. Again, the Sidney Police Department has addressed this need by offering Cyber Safety Presentations. Chief William Balling is also working with his department on developing a Skimmer Fraud Prevention Program.

Recognizing that Seniors are often specific targets for crime, Sidney has responded with specific programs. And more ideas are on the drawing board to develop programs relating to Senior Citizen Fraud and Self-Defense for Seniors.

A juvenile academy is a future program the Sidney Police Department plans on developing. Youth academies can be beneficial in promoting policing as a career and also help with future diversity hiring. Another benefit of juvenile academies is the ability to reach out and have a positive influence on teenagers at a critical point in their development.

The life-cycle approach to educating and interacting with citizens through specific programs has served Sidney Police Department well. As Chief William Balling states, "Sidney's citizens are our biggest supporters in preventing crime".