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Success Stories


Tiffin Police Department

The Tiffin Police Department began the voluntary certification process in November/December 2016. Once I read about the process and dug into the history of how it came about I not only felt the need of completing the process should be a primary goal for our agency but wanted to be a part of the process. So I reached out to the OACP and was put on the Committee early last year that looked at all the new standards coming out and as the year progressed I saw what was being done and the diligence and thoughtfulness that was being put into each standard.

TPD was CALEA certified for 9 years so we were very fortunate as our policy and practices were at or exceeded the requirements proposed by the collaborative board and needed a few minor wording changes. We found the process fairly easy to maneuver, painless and extremely easy to speak with someone should something need to be clarified. I am very excited to know that our agency has met the criteria for certification and proud that we rank among a select few who have taken the voluntary compliance process seriously.

I am further excited and proud to say that our agency was among a small group in the state to take the challenge of meeting the board’s recommendations. And, the first (only) in Seneca County. I have blasted out on our social media what our department has accomplished and hope that the surrounding agencies will take a closer look at the process.

This process has validated our efforts to be a proactive, community-oriented police department. TPD prides itself on our community relations. This process, again, has validated our practices and given us additional criteria to make us better as a department.

I am excited to let our community know more about the process and how we reached full compliance.

Thank you,

Fredrick W. Stevens
Chief of Police