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ODPS Office of Criminal Justice Services Training Workshops

ODPS | Office of Criminal Justice Services

OCJS General and Specialized Training Sessions

Grantwriting Training 101

Provides an overview of the basic grant components including constructing good problem statements, effective program descriptions, capacity, sustainability and budgeting. In addition, the workshop will review basics of identifying grant sources, analyzing program objectives, and effective proposal writing. Key information that will be useful in preparing a competitive grant application under any federal and state grant program will also be presented and discussed. The workshop will provide crucial information about drafting a fundable project and convey explicit expectations regarding the quality of grant applications.

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For further information on Grantwriting Training 101 only, please contact:
Jacquetta Al-Mubaslat
(614) 728-7291

For further information on all courses listed below, please contact:
Sharon Schnelle
(614) 466-0346

Basic Principles of Strategic Planning

This training session will cover information on strategic planning as it relates to infrastructure development and planning that is specifically tailored for community and local agencies. The training will expose participants to concepts and ideas that will help them develop a plan for growing their agency or program and how it is related to applying for, administering and evaluating a program that could appeal to potential funders.

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Logic Model

This training session will discuss and present information on logic model development as it relates to program planning and development that is specifically tailored for public system organizations. The training will expose participants to several different logic model designs and how they relate to securing funding through federal, state and local sources.

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Designing an Effective Evaluation Strategy

In todayís environment of increased accountability, designing and implementing an effective evaluation strategy is a critical component of an organizationís ability to secure funding. This training session will discuss and present information on development of an effective evaluation plan and how it can be used for program planning and sustainability.

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Cost Benefit Analysis

This session provides a generalized overview of the historical context of utilizing cost benefit analysis as a tool to assess the value or worth of a social services, including content regarding cost-effectiveness analysis, multi-goal analysis and related techniques for evaluating public sector projects.

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Identifying Funding Resources

This training will focus on reviewing the available resources that will assist in identifying viable funding sources for your agency. We will focus on using periodicals, traditional sources of grant research, as well as using the internet to research funding streams that might be available to you. A good deal of the class will concentrate on getting online and working through some of the major sources for finding funding on the internet.

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Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices

This training session will present information aimed at strengthening the linkage between research knowledge and practice, and address the biggest challenges for practitioners in implementing a new program or a new practice. The training will define implementation, explore strategies for real-world application of innovative, research-based practice, highlight why the effective implementation of evidence-based practices is critical to achieving outcomes, and outline six core components that drive successful program implementation.

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ODPS | Office of Criminal Justice Services

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